Massage Therapy

I enjoy massage immensely and am still surprised at the number of people who tell me I have given them their first massage. Massage is now considered as important a health maintenance upkeep as brushing your teeth or washing your hair.

Our muscles are used every single minute of every single day and constant neglect of the warning signs (aching, stiffness, inflexibility, emotional distress) can lead to chronic issues that require more radical treatment such as surgery or long term, pain relief medications that have their own set of side effects.

I love the fact that my work can help someone so significantly by improving energy levels, blood flow and nutrition to muscle cells. We as humans NEED massage, it is no longer a luxury for the affluent or the indulgent.

Once you have experienced your first massage session you will never look back. It can be life changing for some people who have suffered long term aggravations, tension and pain.

My Massage Therapies include the following:

Remedial Massage
Is a deep tissue therapy which can relieve stiff and tired muscles. Cold pressed oils such as sweet almond and macadamia nut are used to work deep into the muscle belly and attachment points encouraging warmth and healing.

Aromatherapy Massage
This massage is tailored to suit the individual and can include deep tissue therapy with relaxing or uplifting aromatherapy oils. A popular blend I use is Ylang Ylang/Orange and Patchouli. Divine!