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Bombastic Aromatics
Luscious smelling and feeling products. 
I use these personally.  All natural and truly BOMBASTIC....

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Joan Louis:
Thank you for the use of your amazing artwork on my Home Page.  A true artist in every sense of the word.

Uplift Design

I would like to extend an abundance of gratitude to Vibodha from Uplift Design for the opportunity I was given in the crafting and creating of SALKELD SANCTUARY.   What began as a small sketch I drew some 10yrs ago has finally evolved into a professional and easy to follow website.

Vibodha's patience, care and eye for detail made this journey an easy and joyous one.  Vibodha has the ability to connect with your visions, transforming them into the textual and artistic world of webdesign.  If you have a holistic approach to life and would like your business to express this I would not hesitate in recommending Vibodha.  
Much light, Julie