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I am a Naturopath, Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist. I combine these skills to best formulate a remedy for my patient’s needs. This may include Herbal, Homoeopathic or Nutritional Therapy as well as basic lifestyle adjustments.

I look at my patients as individuals with individual needs and I like to take my time to determine which approach would best result in a shift in my patient’s condition.

I consider myself enthusiastic, honest and open which I believe gives people hope and an eagerness to comply with my line of treatment. I simply love to help people. It has been a lifelong dream after years of personal ongoing health issues that led me to obtain the correct education and diplomas to develop my care-giving role in society. I believe my own past afflictions have brought to me a better understanding of my patients beyond just their physical dilemma. A holistic approach is what I aim to stay true to.

I obtained my Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy at Nature Care College, NSW. I also acquired a Degree in Human Health Science and continued my education by applying myself to Yoga Teacher Training under the Ancient Indian traditional Hatha Yoga style which is a form of Yoga that applies to everybody and allows all ages to enjoy and participate.

‘In the face of troubles remember to breathe and everything will be alright’…

My particular areas of interest include reproductive health and I believe that by balancing the hormones through the applications of natural therapies and dietary adjustments people can restore their moods, symptoms of discomfort and pain as well as easing their often silent emotional suffering due to their ill health. It is amazing how many women believe that bad periods and irregular moods are normal and that they just have to live with it. No-one should have to live with discomfort.

We are generally not born with imbalances, we accumulate them along the way. This doesn’t make them a life sentence. I believe in the power of natural healing and my own patient’s results are enough proof for me to continue with this gentle and non-invasive line of approach.

Sometimes it just takes a gentle nurturing massage to ease someone’s distress. It can be this simple or it can be quite complex. I treat every person as an individual.

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